ELECTION: simple electoral example

From: Brian D Williams (talon57@well.com)
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 11:41:04 MST

I thought I'd create a simple version of the electoral problem as
I see it.

Okay we have two candidates X and Y.

They live in a country with 3 states (A,B,C) each has 100 voters.

Each state has 1 electoral vote, winner take all.

Whoever gets 2 electoral votes wins.

X is Anti-gun
Y is Pro-gun

Okay state A is pretty normal, but Joe Dees lives there so
Candidate X wins 51/49.

Candidate Votes Electoral
X 51 1
Y 49 0

Now we go to state B which is also pretty normal, But Zero lives
there so once again X wins 51/49.

Candidate Votes Electoral
X 102 2
Y 98 0

Now we are in state C. Now candidate X has never even gone to visit
C. Why? Brian, Mike, Chuck, Ron, and all the others who believe in
the right to defend themselves live there, it's a big NRA
stronghold, so the vote goes 99/1 for Y.

Candidate Votes Electoral
X 103 2
Y 197 1

So X wins with barely 1/3rd of the vote.

State C decides to secede. ;)


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