Re: Legal requirements -> technical requirements?

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 11:03:32 MST

Adrian Tymes wrote:
> "Michael S. Lorrey" wrote:
> >
> > Technically, those avoiding polling places due to police presence are felon
> > fugitives, who shouldn't be voting anyways. Now what would be offensive is to
> > post some drug K-9 units at the doors, nailing anyone who smelled like drugs to
> > the dogs.
> #include not_just_criminals_fear_government.rant
> Seriously. Many people who are, legally, perfectly innocent believe
> they have something to fear from police and other government enforcers.

I'm with you there. I know I'm a law abiding citizen. I also typically am armed.
I have nothing to fear legally from cops, so any action they take against me is
by definition illegal action, and I am legally able (and justified) to defend
myself against such *felonious* criminal actions by police. Any jurisdiction
which would treat me any differently is, by definition, a tyranny. Insisting on
living under tyranny implies the acceptance of that tyranny, if the means and
ability to leave that tyranny exist. If you fear such tyranny, vote with your
feet. If you don't, its like not voting: you don't get to complain.

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