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Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 09:28:03 MST


Anders Sandberg wrote:
>Robin Hanson <> writes:
>> The journal Nature has lot of aging articles this week:
>It is interesting to see that while the other reviews show some
>amazing results in all areas of aging reasearch, Leonard Hayflick has
>the audacity to start his review with the claim that no notable
>advances has occured in our understanding of the aging
>process. Overall he comes across as an apologist for aging and
>death. Quite sad.

He's right that looking at gerontology as a whole, progresses have been
minimal when compared, for instance, with cancer research. And his efforts
to bring more attention -- i.e. money -- into aging research should be
praised. (It's an interesting perspective that of claiming gerontology a
failure so far and therefore its need for more funding). Regarding his views
on aging, he has been a conservative scientist for a long time. But then
again, most gerontologists are like that (from personal experience).


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