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> The single most historic, exciting and interesting event ever to happen in
> the entire history of US politics and you propose we not discuss it?

Robin accused me of lawyerly hyperbole a few days ago (in a good-natured
way). Perhaps this is a bit of the same. While the 2000 presidential
election will certainly gain a place in history, off the top of my head I'd
rank the following as more "exciting and important":

* The Declaration of Independence, its antecedents and its aftermath
* The First Constitutional Convention
* The Civil War, its antecedents and its aftermath
* The impeachment of Richard Nixon
* The political reaction to the Great Depression
* The civil rights movement of the 1950s and 60s

and the following of at least equivalent prominence:

* The rise and fall of Joseph MacCarthy
* The presidential election of 1824
* The presidential election of 1960
* The assassination of JFK

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