Re: Election talk--why here?

From: Zero Powers (
Date: Sun Nov 12 2000 - 02:50:03 MST

The single most historic, exciting and interesting event ever to happen in
the entire history of US politics and you propose we not discuss it? Sure,
and if a terrorist nuked NYC, perhaps we could all limit our comments to
mathematical analyses of the megatonnage involved?


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Subject: Election talk--why here?

> Surely there's so damn much talk about the election everywhere else that
> can skip it here, unless we have something different and deeper to say. A
> blow by blow discussion of events seems irrelevant to the purposes of this
> list.
> What *would* be interesting, as far as I'm concerned, is more discussion
> better means of translating preferences into votes, such as the Borda
> voting system and other alternatives. If we're going to discuss the
> elections, please let's at least keep it on a level not found elsewhere.
> (Some of the posts *have* done this, but I'd like to see a reduction in
> volume of election posts completely unrelated to extropian concerns.)
> Onward!
> Max
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