Re: Matrix

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sat Nov 11 2000 - 04:32:11 MST

Gina Miller wrote:
> I just digested the Matrix movie via DVD last night. It was visually
> stimulating, made you think about the future of VR life alternative, and the
> cue words (like AI) were titilating. But don't you think the AI could have
> selected/converted better energy than humans?

Sure. And humans would have been aware that scorching the atmosphere
was a dumb way of robbing the AI of power and much more destructive to
biologicals than to AI. It would be much easier for the AI to tap
geothermal, go nuclear, get enough off-planet presence to grab solar
from space and so on.

I assumed it was a silly explanation for something else. Like maybe the
AIs knew or had a suspicion that the humans were capable of some feat
which they could not master and sought to simply keep enough humans
alive despite their gross stupidity in scorching their own atmosphere to
hopefully some day end up with one human that could do this extra
something of other. I also have a suspicion that the Oracle is an AI
and a special purpose one to search for and encourage the appearance of
this human. Notice, they end up with a human who is throughly at home
in and master of the AI/VR space and yet fully human and committed to
humanity. Not a bad resolution to a nasty conflict.

Another possibility is that humans became so addicted to VR that that
addiction created the need for the pods and increasingly sophisticated
AI body sitters. A story had to be entered into the collective VR that
would enable humans to escape their own self-induced tightly
inter-locking fantasy world. The AIs were as caught in the trap as the
humans. Most thought they had to continue the VR as it was. That it
was their duty or prime-directive or whatever. A handful sought an end
to the stalemate stifling both humans and AI.

- samantha

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