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From: Ross A. Finlayson (
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 08:57:32 MST

Perhaps this is the first time a largescale election was close enough to
expose all the fraud and mistakes, or threaten to do so. Twenty thousand
mutilated ballots is too many, as is one.

It's so that under the United States' aegis is the single most powerful
military force on the planet, and also, that it is only one of more than
200 countries, and that the United States has less than %5 of world
population, and slightly more of its land mass.

China plans to launch some people into space, the countries that have
done so at this point have put less than 500 (perhaps), and no Americans
never returned (of those that made it to space).

About the election, it appears that no candidate can claim a popular
majority vote, only a plurality. The United States government does not
have proportional representation, thus there is only representation of
the two entrenched parties.

Well, it is the time forevermore for each citizen to have complete
access to all government information (give or take a few). There must
be redundant systems for the people to pinch every single government
penny, if only to test its value. Every political contribution of any
form to any party or politician should be itemized and made ready to any
citizen at any time.

Brian D Williams wrote:

> Todays Investors Business Daily has a story on the election and
> says that Gore's lead in Wisconsin, Iowa, New Mexico and Oregon was
> a total of 22,791 votes.
> Expect this to get bigger.
> Brian
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I think the best government for a sophisticated and evolved society
would be a semi-automated Athenian democracy, where any salient issue is
brought to public vote almost any time necessary, and the business side
is run by powerful artificial intelligence.

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