Re: Exi action figures (was Re: DON'T JOIN THE EXI! IT'S A SCAM.)

From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 03:11:11 MST

Wonderful post, Jeff!

Don't forget my accessories: my website (linkchecker not included) and
a big pile of unsorted weird scientific papers. Using a little spring
they can be launched at evildoers who will be trapped in all the
hyperlinks and footnotes.

Apropos uplifted bacteria, I had a colony of pharao ants living in a
big stack of transhumanist and scientific papers in my apartment -
they were likely the best educated ants I have ever met, but they
apparently left for their own Dyson sphere when winter arrived.

Sorry for my recent cut-off from the list, this one was due to an
unexpected and quite nice rash of media appearances. I wrote a piece
about genetic testing that got me into a debate with the noted author
P.C. Jersild (whose book "A Living Soul" actually influeced me in
becoming a transhumanist and neuroscientist) which then led to a radio
debate and even criticism from the culture section at a major
newspaper. The text is on the net at, but it is in
Swedish (the radio appearance on P1 is also on the net, but again, in
Swedish). Anyway, I think we are making headway.

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