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Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 09:06:51 MST

From: Nicq MacDonald <>

>I don't believe that I've posted to this elist before. My name is
>Nicq MacDonald, and I am a student of Philosophy and Psychology at
>the University of St. Thomas, in St. Paul Minnesota. I became
>interested in the Extropian movement after reading about it in an
>essay by noted "Ontological Anarchist" Hakim Bey. After searching
>several web sites for data, and investigating the core documents
>provided online, I noticed that the idea behind extropianism is
>comparable to the backstory of a fantasy I had been working
>on a few years ago, revolving around a future, "post-singularity"
>world in which the great mass of humanity has forgotten how to
>command the nanotechnological fabric that now supports the world,
>and is kept in the firm grip of a dark age dominated by a
>transhuman demiurge, in which only the gnostics who know how to
>wield the ancient technology have a chance to escape into the
>transhuman realm. Although I certainly hope that our world
>doesn't turn out that way, and I'm certainly not against the
>extropian movement, being cautious can't hurt...

Indeed, only good common sense. Great first post, welcome to the


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