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Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 05:24:47 MST

I quite resonate with that view:

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Subject: jwz on moving from Lisp Machines to C on UNIX

This gem, from an interview with Jamie Zawinski, ran in Michael
Sippey's retro-push (the email edition of Stating the Obvious ). It doesn't appear in the Web edition.

  Did you ever watch "Land of the Lost"? If you don't remember,
  Land of the Lost was populated with these primitive lizard-men
  called the Sleestak, who worshiped a Yog-Sothoth-like pit god,
  were afraid of bright lights, and were barely able to operate
  tiny crossbows. But there was one Sleestak called Enoch who was
  a visitor from millions of years in the past, who still had the
  power of speech and who was really bitchy and bitter about how
  his species had devolved, and who just wanted to go home.
  I felt like Enoch a lot.
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