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From: Spike Jones (
Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 21:36:40 MST

> Spike wrote:
> >ps Software types, was there not a poorly regarded computer
> >language back in the 70s called algor?
> Amara Graps wrote: Are you being funny? I can't tell.

Well, I *feel* funny. But no, its been so long I couldnt recall
what it was called. One of my classmates was Chinese and
the way he pronounced the word, it was difficult to tell if he
was saying Algol or Algor.

> I think that you mean Algol. I thought it was a cool language.

I never used it myself. Back in those days I was still hacking
at assembly language, for a 6502 and a Z80. Many of the list
members will have no idea what I am talking about with those
terms, but just dismiss it as one of those barbarian practices
that was done in the dark ages, along with chiselling ASCII
code into granite punch cards, and floppy disks the size of a
spare tire. {8^D

> time-step integrator (Bulirsch-Stoer) program in a math journal
> publication....

Oh, yes, thats another thing from the old days, my young friends.
We used to get software by having the code printed out in
a magazine. Then we typed it into our computer. And ran it.
Programs were shorter in those days. {8^D spike

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