Re: agricultural app of fractal robots, was FDA recalls Starlink

From: Doug Jones (
Date: Sat Nov 04 2000 - 22:46:14 MST

Barbara Lamar wrote:
> The following is an excerpt from the URL listed. It's speculative at the
> present time, but IMO this is a far better technology to aim for than
> building toxins into our food.
> Barbara
> Smaller fractal robots can be used to control pests especially those that
> hide in fractal space (the tiny nooks and crannies found in small areas).
> The pest control can be 100% effective. This however is a dangerous

Oh, gawd, Joe Michael is still at it. Understand, he's never built a
thing- he has a rather meaningless patent, a stop-motion animated video
file, and an endless stream of conspiracy theories and obscene insults
for anyone who questions him. It's been a while since he last inflicted
himself on, but *please* don't bring him round here!

If you look at his site in detail, you'll see the telltale word salad,
inflation of his self-importance, and paranoia, to wit:

"As a result of a web break in into one of our websites, we are told of
a vast stream of projects totalling $40m - $60m involving 200 - 300
researchers and some 30+ papers published without acknowledgement by
rogoue academics. A stern warning is issued to all universities &
companies that engage in theft or participate by working with these
rogue academics of the liabilities they are picking up from licensees.
We have always sought co-operation, and there are no excuses for theft
or evading from giving credit."

He's a loon.

Doug Jones
Rocket Plumber, XCOR Aerospace

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