New Member Intro & Mailing List Approval Procedure

Date: Sat Nov 04 2000 - 22:29:51 MST

Greetings. I joined the Extropian Institute a couple of days ago, and this
mailing list shortly afterwards, and I figured I should introduce myself (and
also to put forward my $0.02 on the approval procedure topic).

My name is C.J. I'm a writer and game designer residing in the Northeastern
U.S. I am a devout follower of science fact and science fiction, a reader of
Drexler and Sagan as well as Brin and Asimov. When a link at a Skeptic web
page led me to the Extropian Institute, I was highly impressed by its
philosophy. I believe that science and technology, not religion and
mysticism, are the true sources of meaning and hope for humanity. I'm not a
Libertarian (mainly because I don't think the conditions are right for such a
philosophy to be practical), but can respect those who are. And I'm looking
forward to reading (and participating in) this mailing list.

About the list approval debate currently going on (which admittedly doesn't
affect me, since I joined the institute and already have provided personal
and financial information) -- I can see the need for such rules (I've seen
the problems trolls can initiate in mailing lists), although it would be nice
if prospective members were allowed to read the list archives before making
the decision to provide personal information. I don't think it's a huge
hardship to have to provide this information, IMHO.


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