Re: Optimal Eating (Herbivors and Veganing)

From: Max More (
Date: Sat Nov 04 2000 - 15:46:03 MST

At 02:12 PM 11/4/00, Samantha wrote:

>When I first started cutting back on meat products I kept fish and dairy
>for a while. I cut out eating land animals first. But then it occurred
>to me that fish, by virtue of filtering water continuously, may
>concentrate any pollutants and nasties in the water thousands of times
>in their flesh. So I dropped them. That hurt.

That's a reasonable concern, but you no longer have to be in the dark about
whether you're absorbing dangerous amounts of toxic chemicals. I eat a
*lot* of fish. It's my main protein source, along with whey protein powder,
and some lean turkey and skinless chicken. Among the numerous tests done
while I was at the Kronos Clinic recently were a series of toxicity tests
(mostly for trace metals). I came out low on all of them, so I'm not
concerned about the fish I eat.



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