Re: Extropians Mailing List --Approval Procedure

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Nov 04 2000 - 09:38:15 MST

Max More wrote:

> I'll keep this short, since Barbara Lamar made sensible points that I would
> echo, and Brian Atkins points out...

I havent participated in the discussion, but reading over it, I wondered
where are all the openness and transparency advocates? I offer my
real name (Greg Jones) my address, my phone number, my office
number, anything. Why hide? The transparency age is coming, why
not welcome it and take advantage of it for the good, instead of trying
to fight it? If we get better transparency, we will have fewer repeats of
the unfortunate Jamiro incident. Even newspaper make you attach your
name to editorials. Sign it, own it!

> I'd rather spent my ExI time working on the Retreat that we're
> planning for early in 2001...

In light of the fact that we are ExI, instead of calling it a Retreat,
perhaps we should call it an Attack, or an Advance, or a
Charge or a Huddle or something. CHARGE! {8^D spike

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