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Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 22:26:00 MST

Perhaps ExI should seek free hosting offshore at Havenco? With properly
done internal procedures it should be pretty secure.

zeb haradon wrote:
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> >Subject: Re: Extropians Mailing List --Approval Procedure
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> >List approvals are currently requiring some basic contact information:
> >phone number, fixed residence, and e-mail address. This is due to some
> >abuses of the list in the past few months (e.g.: personal attacks).
> >Otherwise, the lists are all free and unmoderated, with the contact info
> >being used for security purposes only.
> >
> A little while ago, in Colorado, the police raided a meth lab. They do not
> know who was the one making the meth, but they found an invoice from a
> bookstore for a book on how to make meth. They went to the bookstore with
> warrants and demanded to see their list of customers (See
> Something similar happened during the Clinton blow-job scandal, when a
> bookstore was ordered to turn over records of Monica Lewinsky's purchases to
> see if she'd purchased books on phone sex (I do not remember how this turned
> out). Both the KKK and NAACP have in the past been ordered to turn over
> membership lists.
> I personally would not mind giving my name and phone number and all that. I
> post everything here with my real name, I'm tracable and I'm fine with that,
> and I understand the need to get this information to prevent slander/spam.
> In your shoes, I'd very possibly do the same thing. But, I highly recommend
> you make a promise to anyone giving you this information that all
> information will be stored on only one computer, that it will be multiply
> encrypted with the most secure technology available, and that if at any
> point in time you are ordered by some legal body to turn over any portion of
> the information, you will immediately destroy such information, and run a
> "digital shredder" program on the hard drive it was stored on to make sure
> it is unrecoverable, and that you will do this before even appealing the
> legal decision.
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