Re: FDA recalls Starlink

From: Barbara Lamar (
Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 15:16:27 MST

> Mike, I am certainly no fan of the FDA, but I think I have to side
> with them
> on this one. The food in question is engineered to produce its own
> pesticide. This new corn is not chemically equivalent to natural
> corn, but
> is chemically equivalent to natural corn plus pesticide.

Given that toxins tend to concentrate in urine, milk, and fat I wouldn't
want to drink milk or eat meat from animals that had been fed this corn,
nor would I want to use manure from these animals on my garden.

I've had the experience of using manure from horses who'd been fed hay
cut from pastures sprayed with 2,4-D. The herbicide residue in the manure
killed all my broad leaf plants. Even the county ag extension agent here,
who was educated at a university which advocated the liberal use of
pesticides in agriculture now questions whether it is, afterall, a good

 I doubt that it's any worse to eat Starlink corn itself than it would be
to eat animals who'd been fed on it.


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