Re: Extropians Mailing List --Approval Procedure

Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 13:28:19 MST

In response to the topic:

The analogy I often used when discussing these types of issues
is this: Why would I want someone coming to my home and piss
all over my carpet, gossip about my friends, steal from my studio,
or poison my food? Why should I, or anyone, want to reside in
a community where there is little, if any, protection for a person’s
well being other than his/her solid reputations, forthright communications
or pleasant dispositions. These lovely qualities are beneficial
to our individual well being, but cannot hold at bay the reckless
offenses of others.

Why should anyone on a private list that is provided as a public
viewing and communication center be subject to defamatory statements?
 Why should such a recipient of abusiveness have no way of tracking
the spoiler? We leave ourselves wide open – exposed to anyone
at anytime coming onto this list and attacking anyone for any

So, the answer here is list rules, which we already have. However,
someone can (and does) slip on for an hour – a day – a week -
and produces noxious blather and than run away like a coward,
hiding behind a fictitious name and false identity.

How would you or anyone feel (or think) if someone who claims
to be substantial said that he or she knew you or anyone abuses
a child, embezzled $10,000 from an employer, or lied about credentials?

I know that that the above seems ridiculously irregular, but
what if someone else on the list, perhaps someone who you or
anyone respected highly but had not met yet, read this defamation
of your or someone else’s character.

Surely, I understand that this can and does happen in any environment
and our reputations should and do speak for themselves. However,
the reality is that people are emotional beings and respond to
the poison in the well often times more often than a calm headed
reply of "No that is not true." No matter how many people might
stand up and defend you, there is still that inkling of doubt
planted by the seed of the spoiler - be she or he a greenpeace
activist, a religious zealot, a anti-transhumanist, or even just
a person who simply doesn't like someone else and tries to publicly
damage him or her.

With all this said, and please forgive my verbosity, there needs
to be some sort of way that those who administer the ExI list
can safeguard those who productively participate on the list
without ulterior motivations.

I wish this sort of subhuman behavior did not exist in our culture,
but it does and I would rather work with it and understand it,
contemplate how to deal withit than let other people suffer the
consequences of any hurt or pain that accompanies such unnecessary
abusive behavior.


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