Re: Extropians Mailing List --Approval Procedure

From: Max More (
Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 12:34:44 MST

>Look, Sean, I was about to renew but if you are going to require this kind
>of thing, as an organization, I will reconsider. I don't abuse anyone.

Sunah -- if you're a renewing member (and we know you), you don't have to
worry about this. This is a stop-gap measure to filter out newcomers who
are coming onto the List with the intent of causing trouble. Once we have
new filtering tools (currently being worked on), we won't have to do this.
In the meantime, please be understanding. Once you've been horribly
slandered by someone who has never been on the List before, you might be
more sympathetic to this temporary measure.

Please note that this requirement is for *non-members*, so it doesn't even
affect you. We're optimistically assuming that people who want to abuse us
will not first want to pay to become members. :-) Checking E. Shaun's
message, I see that this point may not have come across clearly. Perhaps
you received that message since your membership had expired, but it was
intended for non-members. As a recent member and known person of character,
the requirement does not apply to you.

Finally, please note that this is not E. Shaun's policy. It's my decision,
made in consultation with ExI directors and Advisors to stop recent abuses
until our new system is in place.


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President, Extropy Institute.
Senior Content Architect, ManyWorlds Consulting:

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