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From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 14:23:38 MST

Michael S. Lorrey wrote,
> As some of you may have noticed already, the FDA has forced
> Mission to recall a rather large list of corn products sold
> under Kraft license, not for any actual evidence that it is
> unsafe

Mike, I am certainly no fan of the FDA, but I think I have to side with them
on this one. The food in question is engineered to produce its own
pesticide. This new corn is not chemically equivalent to natural corn, but
is chemically equivalent to natural corn plus pesticide. The pesticide has
not been tested for human safety. As with any new pesticide or food
additive, companies are not allowed to put this in human food until it has
been tested for human consumption.

I think this is a perfectly good recall.

1. The company in question accidentally put animal-grade food into human
food. I wouldn't want to eat this any more than I would eat dog food.

2. The company accidentally put an experimental food additive into human
food before the testing was complete. I wouldn't want to eat this any more
than I would eat any experimental foods before the experiments were

3. The company failed to follow existing health laws while mixing this food.
I wouldn't want to eat this any more than I would want to eat at a
restaurant that failed its health inspection.

Sure, it probably is safe, but why take chances? I eat only human-grade
food, not experimental food, and not from companies that break health laws.
I will experiment with my own life-extension supplements, but only after I
read the scientific evidence myself and make my own choices. I don't want
another company making that decision for me.

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