Re: Subject: The Libertarian action?

Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 13:30:43 MST

I'd have to say (c), since it is a dispute, and someone has to resolve it, short
of violence. The petition may be an initiation of force, if there's an
expectation of it getting you what you want when you have no legitimate right
involved, or it might simply be a way of getting the government to pay attention
to this violation.
     Ethics (specifically libertarian here, but ethics in general) ARE the
issue, that is how to determine who's right, by what values and methods is an
answered arrived at, and are all parties satisfied about the justice of the
     Given that both parties think they have a legitimate interest in what they
want, and they can't both have all of what they want, it seems fairly
straightforward. Unless you want to add complicating issues, as are inevitable
in life...

 (C) The city government deciding the issue is the nearest available
approximation to the dispute resolution mechanisms that would exist in a
libertarian society - for example, distributed ownership of "noise rights".

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