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Date: Wed Nov 01 2000 - 14:38:16 MST

On Wed, 1 Nov 2000 06:10:22 -0700,
 Spike Jones <> wrote
> [ ... ]someone offer to
>write up a short extropian voters guide on the issues, along with your
>reasoning? [ ... ]
>I have a pretty good idea
>how I will go: if it costs money, vote NO. If it increases the
>government's already too great power, vote NO, etc. Would
>gladly accept advice from like-minded peoples. Thanks! spike

There's an interesting question (#2) on the Massachusetts
ballot: should incarcerated convicted felons be denied
the right (that they currently have and occasionally
exercise) to vote in Massachusetts general elections?
The robot response is "Of course!," of course, on the
principle that felons and children and lunatics and
non-honestiores in general should be denied all rights, in
case one ever should chance to exercise such a right in a
felonious, childish, lunatic, or subdig way. But there
are felons and there are felons, and lunatics and
lunatics. Does scanning and printing currency invalidate
your political judgement as much or more than scooping it
out of the supermarket cashdrawer?
As an American gunowner I am subject to being declared a
felon by fiat; as an Extropian sympathiser I feel often
that I am developing and maintaining new memes and skills
simply so that I can use them to commit crimes yet
Incarceration, after all, is just a redefinition of

gds, stencil

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