Re: META:Re: GUNS: Why here?

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 09:47:42 MST

Matthew Gaylor wrote:
> Eugene Leitl <> wrote:
> >Chuck Kuecker writes:
> > > So far, no one has been able to point up a single proven instance of gun
> > > restrictions bringing a reduction in crime. There are incidents on record,
> >I seem to dimly remember a period, where all the GUNS and GUNS and
> >GUNS were driving the list crazy, and a temporary moratorium was
> >ensued. I for one am sick and tired of these recurring discussions
> >which go exactly nowhere apart from eating up bandwidth, and would>like the ban to become permanent.
> Why are Europeans, especially from Germany so fond of banning speech?

Because its a cultural predeliction, and both sides of the fence there have had
so much practice at it, it no longer seems so controvertial. Now, every
conversation has its place, so please lets all continue this on Free signup, no posting quantity limitations, and this
subject is specifically welcome. What would really impress me would be if
someone, in the spirit of Farenheit 451, became 'Unintended Consequences'... ;-)

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> Subject: Please Pass It On ...
> -- by L. Neil Smith --
> From the "Webley Page" <>

Actually, Matt, I liked his column "Smith $ Wesson Must Die" a lot better....

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