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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 07:57:20 MST

From: Russell Whitaker <>


>Good to see so much discussion spawned on the
>topic of firearms on these 2 lists (I'm copying
>exi-bay, which, like it or not, seems to have
>an active a non-announcement thread running
>at the moment).

>I'm one of the old-time extropians who adheres to
>the intended, well-articulated meaning of the word
>"extropian", which _requires_ libertarianism. I've
>long thought of real extropians as being different
>from armchair libertarians, in that extropians
>_work_ to make something more of themselves as


Most of the serious gun discussions have moved to the exi- list, you may wish to join us. There is a
rousing discussion on the legal battle for the 2nd Amendment going
on right now.

>Back to the libertarianism subthread, I'm not
>interested in disputing those newbies who've
>not done their historical research. For those
>who are interested in reading good polemics on
>the connection between firearms and freedom,
>read John Ross' "Unintended Consequences", the
>"Atlas Shrugged" of the new freedom movement
>and the works of L. Neil Smith (quoted
>above; traverse the links from that page, there's
>plenty there).

I have "Unintended Consequences" sitting on my desk in the next-to-
read pile.


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