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Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 06:34:40 MST

Alex Heard wrote:

> Why is it exactly that we don't have a Death Ray? You'd > think that with all our scientific capabilities, we could > easily produce a big futuristic gizmo that could zap > soldiers into smoking piles of ash.

We do, or rather USA does. Oddly enough Swedish television aired a
program last night which is one of a series. In it they showed the
next generation cruise missile and their laser weapon which was
referred to as the death ray.

It can be used from a plane to knock down enemy missiles immediately
after launch so that they fall on the enemy's territory. It can also
be used to surgically attack specific targets.

They reckon that it will be in general use in three years. They also
intend to have a demonstration within the year (I think) which will
demonstrate conceptually the possibility of lasers being used in outer

The laser weapon


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