LE: Cenegenics

From: J. R. Molloy (jr@shasta.com)
Date: Sun Oct 29 2000 - 16:49:19 MST

Another life extension resource:
If you are seriously considering beginning an anti-aging program, here are some
questions you should consider asking any Anti-Aging Physician before making your
Are you Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine?
Are you a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine?
How long have you been practicing Anti-Aging Medicine?
Do you offer pharmaceutical drugs? If yes, do you dispense human Growth Hormone
from your office or does it come from a registered pharmacy?
How do you package your pharmaceuticals and/or nutriceuticals? Are they
mass-produced or individually labeled using National Pharmacy Standards?
How many patients are you treating?
May I speak with your patients?
What types of testing do you conduct prior to putting patients on a program?
What kind of follow-up do you provide to your patients over the course of the
first year?

--J. R.

PS: Thanks to Michael Lorrey for lowdown about Bostropians.

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