Re: Are Extropians Libertarian? (was RE: Learn to shoot)

From: Natasha Vita-More (
Date: Sun Oct 29 2000 - 15:22:31 MST

At 01:06 PM 10/29/00 -0800, Jason wrote:

>And further, if Extropians -aren't- Libertarians, how exactly are they
>different from Transhumans in general?

Extropians are transhumans and do not differ from transhumans. (A
transhuman is an evolution - a biological transition - and not a
philosophy or an ideology.)
Extropians can differ from other transhumanists by their goals and values.

I can't find Max's response to Perry's post where he explains that
extropians are not by definition libertarians and he referred to the FAQ.
Perhaps he'll post it again.

Anyway, it seems to me to more future oriented not to be affiliated with
any one party, but to focus on issues rather than leaders or political
parties. In a world where everyone is constantly moving forward, it seems
silly to emphasize a political party rather than individual and global
values. Even the libertarian party is not futuristic enough for those who
argue with strong government control. What we need to do is to see beyond
parties and rally around the issues that will protect our interests and
provide venues for our endeavors. The libertarian party may be forward
thinking on many fronts, but it lags behind in ideas about humanity (or
transhumanity, if you will) and this could be the reason why there is
resistance toward it.

I'm not interested in political parties. I'm interested in ideas and
gaining momentum. To do this it is essential to work with others and to
develop an understanding of diverse perspectives.


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