Re: GUNS: Why here?

From: Chuck Kuecker (
Date: Sat Oct 28 2000 - 20:18:18 MDT

At 09:56 PM 10/28/00 -0400, you wrote:
> > It wuz fun. I built a sweatlodge, smashing the pad of my right index
> finger between two river rocks used to heat it, cut my left knuckle on my
> SOG Pentagon while cutting the twine to interlace the framework, and got
> poison oak on my right ankle walking
> through brush in shorts and sandals. The jacuzzi at the condo helped
> all of these things. My grip on reality is still locktight.
>What? No snakebites?


This argument with Joe is beginning to go deja-vu on me. I swear I have
heard the precise give and take before - like when the list agreed to cease
the gun debate a year ago?

If Joe won't move over to exi-freedom, why don't we all agree to just
ignore any future posts on the subject?

Chuck Kuecker

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