Re: Cosmic mystic numbers

From: scerir (
Date: Sat Oct 28 2000 - 11:57:40 MDT

> Watching galactic spiral arms, Gribbin has suggested, it is obvious you're
> seeing a living system. By this reasoning, the water vortex I saw tonight
> in my bath was also alive, poor little thing. `Many universes,' he claims,
> `are competing with one another for the right to exist'. But the
> mathematics of this story tell us the universes are orthogonal, at
> right-angles to each other, so to speak. So it is difficult to see how
> they can `compete'. And for what resource?

About 25 years ago, in Rome, I've seen pictures (and movies) taken
by prof. Cohen (?) (I do not remember his name properly, he worked in
Israel) about what he called chemio-tactic patterns. *Organic* compounds
(put together) behaved *exactly* like cosmic matter, forming spinning
bodies and spiral arms. Somebody asked if he was able to guess some
relation, some meaning. His reply was "mathematics and thermodynamics".
Perhaps also evolution?

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