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From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Sat Oct 28 2000 - 02:19:10 MDT

I've taken the free subgun class. It's worth the trip and lodging
expenses (I drove from the SF Bay area). There is a pitch for Front
Sight offerings, as one would expect, but it's low key and the support
and student teacher ratio are excellent. They are for real, no snotty
macho BS or corner cutting. My only wish was that I'd had more time to
practice mounting the weapon to my shoulder. But that's a tiny thing.
Aside from that, they're very much in the "perfect practice makes
perfect" mold.

One other caveat: I have heard from others that Dr. Piazza is a
Scientologist, but I had a dentist once who was one, and my teeth are
still fine; he didn't try to audit my teeth, he just fixed 'em. Just

I William Wiser wrote:
> Go to and check out their free one day
> submachine gun class. It is near Las Vegas

Very near Pahrump, in fact.

>and is completely free (weapons and ammo are provided)

Also Gatorade, snacks and sunblock. :)

; all you have to do is
> get there (the course is a major loss leader to drum up
> publicity and students but you get real instruction). The
> last course offered is in early December. Maybe some of you
> want to go as a group, if so, let me know and we can set
> something up.

> Watch
> _Shoah_, go to a few murder trials, and then tell me why you
> will never need to use a gun or defend against one.

There's a possibly apocryphal quote from one of the survivors of the
Warsaw ghetto who was involved in the resistance efforts there: "My
biggest regret is that we didn't have a submachine gun."

<much thoughtful stuff elided>

> Whatever, it may be comforting and good for your
> psyche to know that you can defend yourself even if you
> never need to.

Competence at arms in an otherwise healthy psyche can only be a good

Glad you're doing something about this. Gimme a call if you want to.


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