Anti Gun Zealots and their Urban Legends.

Date: Fri Oct 27 2000 - 16:11:39 MDT

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<< > Actually, the well-orchestrated campaign belongs to, and always has
belonged to, the NRA, which is unparalleled in their foisting of
lies-with-statistics (the baby-drowning-in-buckets urban legend being a prime
example, which I have previously debunked),

    Just thought some of you would like to help me start a collection of the
Urban Legends that Anti Gun Zealots spread. Has somebody got a real good
version of the one that goes. "We don't want to ban all guns. We only want
to continue our one hundred year tradition of banning just one more gun."

    Oh I also need a real good example of the anti gun zealot explaining what
the gun crime statistics were before and after each gun law was passed. That
includes statistical proof of all the successes they have had over the past
hundred years. Chicago, New York and a number of other cities virtually
outlaw all guns. Can you get me the statistics before and after to show me
how the anti gun laws reduced crime?

Ron h.

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