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From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Fri Oct 27 2000 - 03:10:28 MDT

Can't speak to details of doctrine (operations, team sizes, etc.), but
you will find Russian staff speaking as though something called GRU
still exists as of just under one year ago at .

The text fragment you provided sounded annoyingly familiar, so I
I suspect that John Pike lifted some of his info ("...seems assured")
from ...which as
you can see is from '93.

You might try to get in touch with the author of that article, Dr.
Turbiville of the Foreign Military Studies Office at Fort Leavenworth,
Kansas. Also, take a peek at their Web site:

Happy hunting.

Damien Broderick wrote:
> While we're delving into Cold War history, I wonder if anyone can help me
> with a detail I need in updating a novel. I need to know if the Glavnoye
> Razvedyvatelnoye Upravlenie (GRU), the Main Intelligence Administration of
> the former Soviet Union, is still active under that title, or if it's now
> got a new name?
> I find it still being cited as GRU at
> last updated several years ago, however. That site states:
> >As of mid-1992, GRU special-operations groups remained trained to operate
> in 3-7 man groups for
> >intelligence-gathering and directaction missions in enemy rear areas. They
> likely are assigned
> >missions in interethnic conflict areas, as well. Their prominent role in
> the new Russian mobile force
> >components now being planned (comprising largely airborne, naval infantry,
> air assault and
> >transport aviation) seems assured.
> Still true?
> Damien Broderick

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