Did MOL fly? Yes, maybe. was re: MOL == Agena? Re: Solutions to the Zero-G problem

From: Michael M. Butler (butler@comp-lib.org)
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 21:58:57 MDT

http://www.rocketry.com/mwade/chrono/19664.htm#12470 shows some details
of four OV (orbiting vehicle) missions all under the "MOL Mockup"
rubric. So something that could have been called MOL did fly, at least
four times. OK. I didn't know that.

http://www.rocketry.com/mwade/craft/mol.htm talks about the mockup as
just a stretched transstage, then goes on to say:

"It is possible certain prototype MOL equipment was flown as well."

These tests are said to have included some exercises code named
"Whispering Gallery", which is said to be the actual reentry test of the
Gemini Command Module with modified heatshield. Supposedly, it held
together (fused solid, actually).

So who knows? "It is possible certain prototype MOL [astronauts were]
flown as well."

Thanks for making me do some legwork, and thanks to Greg for the kewl
site reminder. I want a Spiral for Newtonmas.

"Michael S. Lorrey" wrote:

> The thing is Greg, I've heard from several people who were Security Police and
> ground crews at Vandenberg in the late 70's who all insist they had actually
> launched MOL, that it was rather plain as day on various launch papers they
> dealt with. Keeping the cover story of 'it was cancelled' seems to be a
> recurring theme for cover stories in my experience in the USAF. That and the
> double/triple cover of a) "no, it doesn't exist" and b) "pssst, btw, its really
> an alien spaceship", followed by c) "if you saw it, you must be insane", were
> the two recurring ones I saw when I was on active duty, depending on the level
> of security needed, though the alien thing backfired on them and attracted more
> attention instead... ;)

Sure, point taken.

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