Re: Fermi Paradox, etc.

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 19:57:33 MDT

Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> Michael Wiik wrote,
> > I don't discount the possibility that we have 'fatal memes' in US
> > culture.
> What about the creationist anti-science meme? I think 8 states now prohibit
> the teaching of evolution, genetics, carbon dating, dinosaurs, big-bang,
> continental drift, ancient history, and anything else that might imply that
> species can evolve or that the earth is older than 7000 years.

Are you serious? Of course I've heard about the evolution teaching
woes. But I haven't heard of banning all of these things. I would
assume you are simply emphasizing rather than being precise but you do
give a specific number. Any documentation and/or leads to which states
these are?

- s.

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