Re: MOL == Agena? Re: Solutions to the Zero-G problem

Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 18:20:48 MDT

Alright guys, you are treading into my territory here -- 1960s manned
spaceflight trivia. MOL was an AIR FORCE project; otherwise Michael got the
general idea right. It was NOT an Agena. This makes it clear in pictures:

(BTW, Dan Roam's site above, "Deep Cold" is, well, cool.) MOL (which was
also called "KH 10") was cancelled when automation made mannning a really big
surveillance platform unnecessary. The camera developed for MOL was used in
the "Big Bird" KH 11 satellites

More details can be found at Mark Wade's Encyclopaedia Astronautica;

which is, BTW, the BEST source for info on manned space programs.

And also, Mike, which Gemini mission actually swung a tethered Agena? (I'm
not doubting you; I just don't recall this . . .)

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