Fermi Paradox, etc.

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Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 07:35:09 MDT

"Andrew Lias" <anrwlias@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Well, as long as the Fermi Paradox seems to have cropped up, I thought that
> I may as well take the opportunity to plug my own FP site.
> The main site is: http://myweb.wco.com/~anrwlias/fermi_paradox/

Nice! Good content.

One theory I dont see is the 'fatal meme' scenario. I think we have a
number of cultures with 'fatal memes' here on Earth, that will destroy
themselves sometime after they encounter other cultures. For example,
there appear to be several cultural memes in Africa that encourage the
spread of AIDS.

Years ago, I worked on a project for the Saudi Arabian govt
(specifically: SAMIS). We saw several films about modernization and
industrialization in that country. Invariably, each film ended with a
short 'some things will *never* change' section, having to do with their
religion. This seems like a possible area for 'fatal meme' to me.

I don't discount the possibility that we have 'fatal memes' in US
culture. I think, for example, it'd be quite easy for most people here
to accept govt-mandated nanobot kill switches installed in our brains
(for use only on terrorists, child pornographers, drug dealers, etc, of


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