Re: plane powered by nitrogen ... is that for real?

From: Gina Miller (
Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 18:54:15 MDT

(BBC report) Running on Air. Urban transport could soon be revolutionized
with the launching this week of e.Volution - a prototype new car which
designers say runs on air.

> Now, I don't know if I heard this story correctly (I did hear it in a bar,
> they were some engineers from a really high level R&D outfit...). The
> alt.extropians newsgroup lists a post about a new project at the U of
> to develop an auto engine that runs off of compressed nitrogen. This would
> obviously work in place of battery powered electric cars, thus alleviating
> environmental problems of lots of batteries being thrown out. There is a
> differential between liquid and gaseous nitrogen of 700, so its rather
> that a liquid nitrogen expansion motor would be an effective means of
> this compact energy storage technique.

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