Fwd: Urgent Action Item: Last Chance to Stop Secret Search Bill - HR 3048]

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Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 10:15:46 MDT


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Urgent Action Item: Final vote on secret searches bill expected
Wednesday or Thursday (October 25 or 26)
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* Immediate action required: Help us stop HR 3048

        Two weeks ago we warned you about S. 2516, the Fugitive
Apprehension Act of 2000, which would empower federal bureaucrats
to subpoena your electronic records without a warrant. This bill
has now been attached to another piece of legislation -- The
Presidential Threat Protection Act (HR 3048) -- and is expected
to come up for a final vote on Wednesday or Thursday (October 24
or 25.)

        Please read this brief action item and then telephone
your House representative immediately.

        SUMMARY: This legislation, supposedly designed to
"locate and apprehend fugitives," gives police broad new powers
to issue "administrative subpoenas."

        These subpoenas can be used to obtain information not just
from suspected fugitives, but from innocent third parties, such as
business associates or acquaintances, who could be considered

        The bill would allow police to get administrative
subpoenas for your "electronic data," such as bank records, school
records, medical data, phone bills, and e-mail account. Police
would have the power to compel third parties, such as your bank,
telephone company or Internet Service Providers, to turn over your
personal records. Under a "delayed notice" provision, police could
order third parties to refrain from telling you that your records
have been searched and/or seized by the government.

        WHAT TO DO: Contact your Congressional representative
immediately by calling the Capitol Hill switchboard at
(202) 225-3121 or (202) 224-3121. Tell them to vote NO on the
Conference Report on HR 3048, The Presidential Threat Protection
Act. Let them know that this is a flagrant attack on your privacy
rights, as well as an unconstitutional search, because no court
order or search warrant is required.

        Thank you for your help!


        Steve Dasbach
        National Director
        Libertarian Party

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