SOC/POL/CULTURE: Paglia on Libertarians

Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 09:54:02 MDT

I didn't pipe up the other day when Camille Paglia's name came up. I think
she's complex and yes, sometime inconsistent, but never fails to entertain
with her writing style and broad erudition. At any rate, here's a neat
tidbit from her column in today's

"Speaking of preachy thought police, I'm getting fed up with members of the
Libertarian Party who think they own the word "libertarian." Get off my back,
please, and focus your attention on the failures of your party to fine-tune
and convey its philosophy credibly to the national electorate. In prior
columns, I've indicated that the Libertarian Party, which once invited me to
submit my name for its presidential nomination, is too conservative for my
thinking and also too drearily removed from cultural issues. If and when the
Libertarian Party nominates someone like the brilliantly analytical Virginia
Postrel, I'll reconsider my support for the Green Party, whose current brand
of socialism is indeed excessive. (See Postrel's latest --"Ironic
Processing," a fascinating dissection in the November issue of Reason
magazine of Gore's chillingly depersonalized worldview.)"

Here's thw whole piece:

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