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Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 16:19:50 MDT

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> Yes, two blips are very much different from one blip. I recommend to
> ask google for "anthropic principle".

Hi Eugene.

I'm very aware what the anthropic principle is-- which is the reason I
pretty much ignored your use of it. A few questions:

If dolphins were intelligent, would this be a two blip, or a one blip? Why?

If we discover a lost African tribe next week, is this a two blip, or a one
blip? Why?

Do you believe that the anthropic principle is a "good enough" answer as to
the origin of existence?

Do you believe that real world science should treat the (strong) anthropic
principle as a fundamental truth?

In what way do you feel that the anthropic principle biases our universe to
the emergence of only *one* intelligence? There is a pleasing synergy
between multiverse theories and the (weak) anthropic principle. We are,
necessarily, in one of the universes that is capable of creating life.
Doesn't that really make discussions of the anthropic principle moot?
Aren't we still pointed at the same fundamental fact: we live in a universe
that is capable of creating life?


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