Re: Extropian congressional lobby

Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 11:58:56 MDT

Brian Atkins wrote:
> What about organizations like Cato institute- are they not non-profit? Or
> do they only spew research info and do no actual lobbying? said:
> As I understand it, they position themselves more as an information
> and research resource in oreder to spread their worthy memes on
> capitol hill. Apparently that is ok.

I've been a member of CPSR ( for quite a while, and they're
non-profit, and appear before congress and state legislators occasionally.
The line they're required to toe says they can't take a position on current
legislation. They can advocate policies, present informative seminars, and
do other things that look similar to lobbying as long as they don't cross
the line.


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