Register for Destination MIR

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 19:28:25 MDT

I have not noticed if anyone has posted this yet, but this is the link to go to,
it seems, to sign up for the Destination Mir project. You'll be on their mailing
list for updates...,946,-0-3377,00.html

They do want you to sign up for NBCi first in order to register. It would be
nice if as many extropes sign up as possible, I think, so when application and
selection occurs, we increase the odds that at least one of us will get
selected. NBC says applications will go out about six months prior to the show
airing, which is about June-December, 2001.

Perhaps Doug Jones and the other more experienced rocket scientists could find
us some astronaut training manuals or something to post to the extrodot website,
we could set up an online 'extronaut training camp' for people to keep track of
their self-training (thats physical training, as well as other stuff.) Getting
an extrope on the show would be a BIG PR boost for extropianism in the general

Mike Lorrey

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