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Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 15:17:12 MDT

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> This is the same sort of argument fanatics give to prove the existance
> of god. Since there is absolutely no positive evidence in favour of either
> ETs or god, the simplest and most plausible explanation of this fact is
> that neither ETs nor god exist. This is a brutally obviously argument to
> any rational individual.

Except for the brutally obvious fact that intelligence does in fact exist,
and is a product of natural processes of the universe.

Any rational individual must be aware of the fact that we live in place
where matter, under certain circumstances, self organizes into a state of
intelligence. Rational and -curious- people will begin to inquire as to
what those circumstances are, and whether they exist elsewhere.

Remember, WE are evidence for the existence of ET. Unless you're able to
show that the events that occurred on earth could not possibly be replicated

Asking questions like, "Where are they? Why can't we see them?" is far more
valuable than closing one's mind to the fact that "intelligence happens."

Can't we, Doug, at the very least, attach probabilties to the likelihood of
intelligence spontaneously arising at other spatial coordinates in our
existence matrix?


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