Fermi's Paradox

From: Fraser Orr (ifo@xnet.com)
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 14:00:18 MDT

> From: "Darin Sunley" <rsunley@escape.ca>
> Subject: Fermi Paradox in the news...
> This raises three possibilities, each of which would have large implications
> for our view of our own place in the universe.
> One is that an intelligent species capable of producing high technology is
> not a normal evolutionary outcome,
> The second, darker possibility is that while intelligent life crops up
> often, it doesn't last long:
> The third, darkest possibility is that there are indeed lots of intelligent
> species in the galaxy,

Might I suggest a forth? Perhaps the truth is that there is a much
superior method of communication than the EM spectrum that we have
not yet discovered. Perhaps this method of communication is very
prevelant in the universe, and old fashioned EM communication is
very rarely if ever used. Given that we have only been able to listed
to EM for 100 years, and that we have only actually been listening
for 30, it seems eminently possible that we hit a statistical quite

Or am I totally crazy?

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