Re: extropians-digest V5 #291

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Sun Oct 22 2000 - 16:54:41 MDT

"James J. Hughes" wrote:

> Somebody else wrote:
> > Of course, liberals like Hughes have always maintained that
> > Sweden is the most
> > advanced nation on earth...
> Again with the inaccurate name-calling? I'm not a "liberal" in either the
> classical European usage or the fuzzy, but nonetheless delimitable, American
> usage. I'm a radical democrat, an internationalist, a democratic socialist
> with libertarian leanings, a Viridian techno-optimist Green, a queer
> feminist Buddho-revolutionary who wants to live forever and go to the stars.
> But not a liberal.

Sorry James, that was me, and I was trying to be polite. A US liberal of
contemporary taste is essentially a radical
democrat/socialist/Green/Queer/Feminist, so you may be more pro-technology than
most of that type, but still a non-classical liberal.


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