Re: LE: Life Extension Update 2000.10.20

From: Technotranscendence (
Date: Sat Oct 21 2000 - 01:30:37 MDT

On Friday, October 20, 2000 8:24 PM Sherry wrote:
> I couldn't help but respond to something I can't agree with in this
> In 1981, I had a cubic centimeter piece of breast tissue removed for a
> biopsy. It was performed under straight local anesthesia, no sedation
> whatsoever, but IV was on standby. It was not what I'd call painful. The
> worst part by far was the local anesthetic injection, which was maybe
> moderately painful for a few seconds. It's not something I'd consider
> "painful" enough to be afraid of or "painful" enough to make an issue

I'm sure some might fear even the slightest amount of pain. However, if I
had the same problem as you, pain would not be an issue either.

You can always write directly to the Life Extension Foundation. It might be
good to see its reaction. Generally, the writers there are sober and

I hope you've not had any problems since and enjoy great health.


Daniel Ust

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