Re: Capitalists and coercion

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Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 09:08:32 MDT wrote:
> [Still catching up -- only two weeks behind now . . .]
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> writes:
> > Nazis: Europe/world united under the leadership of a German,
> > racial-nationalist one-party state, with corporatist, but nonetheless
> > privately owned, economy.
> >
> > Communists: World united under a set of one-party communist states with
> > state-owned industry
> >
> > Social democracy: Independent multi-party, democratic countries with mixed
> > economies
> >
> > Anyone who tries to tell you these three social systems were basically same
> > thing because they weren't anarcho-capitalism isn't contributing
> > meaningfully to the conversation.
> I agree with you on this, Mr. Hughes. Extremist rhetoric bothers me, even
> (perhaps especially) libertarian extremist rhetoric. I agree that really
> equating Germany in the 1930s or Russia in the 1950s with, say, Sweden in the
> 1970s or 80s doesn't move the dialogue along. On the other hand, I don't
> know how anyone could maintain that, say, Sweden in the 1970s or 80s had
> achieved some insurmountable zenith of perfection in the arrangement of human
> affairs. (I'm picking Sweden for my own rhetorical purposes :-).

The only difference between the two is that one enslaves you with guns and
concentration camps, secret police and propaganda, the other does it with
paperwork and propaganda, regulation and oh so arrogant bureaucrats who paint
you as a crazy person if you don't agree that what is best for everyone (as
determined by the government, of course) is best for you. The result is the

Of course, liberals like Hughes have always maintained that Sweden is the most
advanced nation on earth... of course the fact that the swedes are aryan
socialists in no way is meant to imply that liberals are bigots (like Nazis) in
their hearts but are too polite to admit it. This secret bigotry is why they so
adamantly deny that the Nazis were in fact socialists (as anyone who has studied
the nazi plans for "Germania" after the war, or read Mein Kampf can attest)

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