Re: PI in the Bible

From: James Wetterau (
Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 07:33:06 MDT

"John Clark" <>:

> James Wetterau <> Wrote:
> >Not necessarily. Specifying an exterior diameter and an interior
> >circumference seems like a reasonable way to me to exactly specify the
> >design of a cylinder
> But again, the supreme being and all powerful creator of the
> universe does not
> specify which dimension is exterior and which is interior, and this
> is important because
> thousands of years after He wrote His book this passage is still
> causing confusion. ...

Playing devil's advocate for a moment:

It has to be the relation I described because PI is obviously > 3,
even if you have only simple measuring tape and a pretty good pottery
wheel. The only way it could work would be the for interior dimension
to be the circumference and the exterior dimension to be the diameter.
It's the evil secular humanists, you see, who have sowed confusion
about such a relatively straightforward piece of text, hoping to ruin
the faith of the believers. The Bible is just as good as it needs to
be to communicate to the faithful while confounding those who are wise
in their own eyes.

Honestly, the true believers are *not* going to be persuaded by this
kind of thing. They've had millenia to come up with answers. It's
pointless to belabor such stuff.


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