KUDOS: Bill Douglass wins Economist "The World in 2050" Essay Contest

From: GBurch1@aol.com
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 11:44:33 MDT

I am extremely pleased to announce that fellow Houstonian and Textropian Bill
Douglass has won the Shell Oil/Economist Magazine "The World in 2050" essay
contest. Bill is a very articulate and charming fellow and I have high
confidence that the publicity this will generate will reflect well on the
transhumanist and extropian community Bill is a part of. Way to go, Bill!

FYI, following my sig is an excerpt from Robin Hanson's note about the
contest last July:

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From: Robin Hanson <rhanson@gmu.edu>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 10:10:59 -0400
Subject: Economist essay contest on 2050

pointed me to
which describes an essay contest on the year 2050.
It is organized by the Economist and Shell Oil,
and the winning essay will get $20K and be published in
"The Economist, The World in 2001". The deadline for
submissions is Aug 14, max length 3000 words.

"The essay should focus on any of the social, political, economic,
commercial technological, scientific, or environmental issues that
we will face in the world of the mid-21st century. The jury will
be looking for a wide range of subjects in the winning essays."

The judges are Matt Ridley, Esther Dyson, a CEO of Shell,
the editors of the Economist and the Whole Earth Mag,
and the director of the OECD International Futures Programme.

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