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From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 23:40:24 MDT

Frank Prengel wrote:
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> > From: Eugene Leitl
> ...
> > Robin Hanson writes:
> ...
> > > But of course I meant:
> >
> > Which, of course, makes the document useless, since unreadable.
> "For me", you forgot to add. I'm sure a lot of us have no problems reading it
> since their PowerPoint OLE server brings the PPT up nicely embedded within IE...

What PowerPoint OLE server? (...he says, sitting at a relatively
recent Windows build with MS Office but without PowerPoint.)

> Sorry for the noise, but I had to say this.
> (Eugene: do you want me to send you a PDFed version?)

"Those who can not read a document for whatever reason, remain ignorant
of the document's wisdom. Therefore, to impart your words upon as many
people as possible, use the common tongue."

(In this case, HTML, or at least PDF. No reason to keep your paper
locked up behind a format barrier, is there?)

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